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What is Therapy?!

Therapy is a complicated and somewhat mysterious experience. I have seen millions of movies where they show therapists telling people what to do, giving them mass amounts of medication, or being insanely inappropriate and overly involved in their client's personal life.

But what is therapy, really? I have been a therapist for over ten years and can tell you the answer is not so simple. Therapy is a partnership, a shared experience, a safety net, and a healing journey. Therapy has looked like many different things from my perspective. Therapy has been a little child sharing her feelings in a colorful picture. Therapy has been a young woman learning to raise her babies. Therapy has been a couple seeing each other for who they can be. Therapy has been a teenager realizing he has something to look forward to.

What therapy truly is, is a relationship. A connection between two human souls fearless enough to walk through feelings. One person allowing another person to be free to feel how they feel and encouraging them to grow from the struggle. A relationship that can be healing, scary, freeing, and exciting all at once.

The real question is, are you ready? Ready to move through the pain. Ready to see the possibility. Ready to walk through life together to get to other side.

What is therapy? Therapy is a chance to live and feel differently.

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