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Day to Day

Hello! I was thinking about how the day to day routine can get OLD, BORING, MUNDANE. There are moments throughout my week where I feel like I am a hamster on a wheel doing all the same things over and over again. How can we change our day-to-day routine, so it feels less Blah and More Bright?!

There are some things that we have to do over and over again, that is just life. Eating, exercising, sleeping, cleaning, etc. These things are not going anywhere. But our perspective and our way of going about them can be a little more interesting.

I have done some small things differently that have made my week a little less drab. Here are some ideas:

  1. Play music while cleaning, working out, cooking, etc. A good song can dramatically change your mood.

  2. Think of your why. Why are you doing this task? Just to do it or because you want to feel better, look better, enjoy someone else's company, make your day easier, feel more comfortable in your space... the list can go on. Sometimes when we remember why we are doing something or the WHO we are doing it for, it suddenly feels more meaningful.

  3. Switch it up! For example, stop going to the same gym at the same time with the same people and doing the same workout. It's boring! Go to a salsa class. Take a yoga class. Walk outside. Switching up your routine activities can help them feel less routine.

Here are just some small and simple tips to help you feel a little more excited about the routine day-to -day stuff. If you continue to feel like there is little to look forward to, talk to someone. A therapist. A friend. A coworker. They might have a new idea for you that you couldn't think of yourself. Life is meant to be LIVED, so go out and live it & try to enjoy it along the way.

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