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New Year New...

Here we go! New Year's Resolutions! New opportunities. New. New. New. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the expectations of a new year. So, I am supposed to lose weight, become a fitness superstar, become a sourdough bread baking kind of mom, have financial abundance, have ultimate relationship growth, and enjoy all of it.... starting a few days ago?! Too much for me I have to admit. So, what can we do to see this new year in a positive way without the overwhelm?

Be realistic while being optimistic. And look back to help you plan what is ahead. I can look back at last year and admit that I did not meet every goal I set ahead of myself. But did I grow towards those goals and meet others which I had not even planned? Absolutely. I have to acknowledge the progress that was made. I started my own business. I tackled motherhood somewhat successfully. I loved my husband as well as I was able. I showed up for my friends and family. Did I do this all in a miraculous way that changed all the lives around me? Probably not. But I did it and did it well.

So, looking into this next year, what do you want to continue doing? What emotions do you want to bring into this next year? What do you hope for on even the most minute level?

Realistically, I know myself. I am never going to love exercise. But I do want to love my body better this year so I will find ways to do that each day whether it is a new class at the gym or a simple walk. One of my goals is just to move my body more on a daily basis.

What are realistic goals you could give yourself that push you but don't overwhelm you? How can you walk into this year hopeful about what is to come?

I challenge you to think of three new things you want to do. And try them. But the goal above all goals is to take care. Take care of yourself. Take care of your people in your circle. Take care of your health.

wever that looks to you is enough as long as it is pushing you to be better for you.

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