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There is Still Goodness

With all the traumatic stories in the news, I can begin to feel overwhelmed with hopelessness and grief. A mentor of mine recently shared that when there is great loss, we can do the next right thing. That may be to grieve with someone else. Or to lend a helping hand. Or to send positive thoughts and prayers. Or to sit with someone in their sadness.

But one thing that truly helps me is to balance my perspective. Meaning to take in the reality of life but to always remember there is still goodness in the word.

Sometimes we need to turn off the news and rest. Take a rest from bad news. Take a rest from sadness and grief.

We still acknowledge and mourn with those who are suffering. But we also notice that amongst darkness, there is light. There are good people in the world doing good things for other people. There are new lives starting over. There is still hope.

So while we cry with those who have lost so much, we also notice and embrace that the sun is still shining and good things are still coming. Do what you can for those who need some support in this time. But remind them and remind yourself, after every storm there is a rainbow that represents newness and change coming.

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