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Talk it Out

I was recently experiencing a dilemma and not sure which way to go. Decision making can be quite stressful for some people. Especially when we are making a decision that primarily only effects ourselves. Also, we live in a society that is very individual minded & pushes independence on people. If you have a problem, figure it out. If you have an issue, solve it on your own.

But truly, we are meant for community and we need support. How did I find my solution to my problem? How did I solve my dilemma? I talked it out. I talked to people I trust who love me and I figured it out with help.

It is okay to need guidance on things. It is okay to need other people. Sometimes we need to talk it out in order to figure it out. Whatever IT is.

Someone once told me that when we share our pain it cuts it in half and when share our joy it doubles. What a beautiful reminder that talking about our struggles, big or small, can help them seem less upsetting. And sharing our good moments with others can make them even better.

So talk to someone. Get your thoughts out of your head. And see if it helps you figure things out or feel a little lighter.

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