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Slow Down

Tis the season of holidays and parties and all the things.... it's around the corner! This blog is your reminder to slow down and to know you do not have to say yes to EVERYTHING.

What?! I don't have to attend 15 holiday parties, see all sides of my family, and get gifts for every person in my contacts list?! No you do not.

As the holidays approach, our calendars tend to get busier and our cups get less and less full. I think it is so important to have friends, family, and celebrations. But when it comes at the expense of your mental health, it is not worth it.

So though we feel this pressure to attend everything, say yes to everything, show up to everything, you simply do not have to. When you feel yourself running from one thing to another without a second to catch your breath, are you really enjoying all these things? Are you really present for all the people? Most likely not!

So what do we do? We say no sometimes. We say we can not attend everything. We set boundaries to protect ourselves from being burnt out and absent from what truly matters.

Sit down and think about what is more important to you. Is it your children? Is it your spouse? Is it your friends? Family? Whatever or whoever checks off that list, spend time with those people or doing those things. It is okay not to keep up with the Jones'es, especially if it means you stay sane. Maybe having a few free days in your calendar will help you to feel more like yourself and to feel more present for what really matters to you.

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