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Settle Down

With everything going on in our world, sometimes I feel so on edge! My shoulders are up to my ears, my eyes are burning, and my head is pounding. This is the moment when I need to settle down. How do we do that?

  1. Remember what is in your control and let go of what IS NOT IN YOUR CONTROL. You can not save everyone and solve every problem today. So focus on what you can do. You can be kind. You can be helpful. You can be your best self in your circle.

  2. Look around. Notice what is around you. Ground yourself in the moment of right now. Right now you are okay. Right now you are safe.

  3. Make a list. What needs to be done or can be done. Start checking it off. Even completing one task on that list and marking it done can make a huge improvement in your mood.

  4. Practice gratitude. When we are utterly grateful for what we have it is much harder to be upset about what is wrong. Focus on what is going right.

  5. Take a breath. A deep one. Feel the air fill your belly and blow that air out.

Life is crazy. People are wild. The news is not often good news. But you have a choice how you want to live today. Choose to settle down and live well. Things will get better eventually.

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