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It is that beautiful time of year, Valentines Day is approaching! Roses, pink, red, purple, chocolates, giant teddy bears and more are constantly being thrown at you. While this can be a magical time for those people in romantic bliss, it can be a reminder of a reality of loneliness for others.

So what do we do when we are alone on Valentines....????

I want to preface by saying that yes I am married now but I spent many Valentine's Days alone and very very sad about it.

So what do we do when the societal pressure to link up is upon us and we are bombarded by images of happy couples and we are NOT IN THAT PLACE!

Embrace the opportunity to celebrate yourself. Your relationship with yourself. I learned through countless failed relationships that I was not going to truly be happy with someone else until I was happy with me. So embrace the moment because singleness does not have to be a bad thing. Singleness can be this incredible time of your life where you can fully pour into your own growth and healing. Buy yourself the flowers and chocolates. Kick your feet up with a cozy blanket and watch a romantic comedy. Or reach out to your friends and spend time together. Create a galentines day tradition where you love on your friends and appreciate the love you do have in your life.

Whatever you do, enjoy the day and the moment. This is not a day to be reminded of what you do not yet have but a day to embrace and celebrate what you do have. Trust me that once I truly enjoyed being with me, this incredible thing happened. I attracted someone who was worthy of my time and attention. But bigger than that, I was okay with the time I had alone because I spent it with an awesome partner.... ME!

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Pamela Swantek
Pamela Swantek
Feb 02, 2022

And I am REALLY okay being single/alone on Valentine's Day. I feel that when you are in a relationship that love should be shown and celebrated everyday...even when you're both exhausted. For me...right now...learning to love myself through God's eyes is my priority.

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