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Self Love

I have been having many conversations lately that lead me to believe that humans as a whole are not great at loving themselves. There may be many reasons for this. One reason I can think of is that we are somewhat discouraged from loving ourselves too much. Someone who loves themselves too much is selfish or self seeking. Someone who is overly into themselves is cocky.

But it is possible that we can love ourselves and still be humble. That we can love ourselves and possibly love others better because our cup is full. There is this saying in the therapist world that we need to fill our own cup in order to fill the cups of others. These are not literal cups. These are the spaces within us that keep us going. The spaces that hold our gratitude, our kindness, our hearts, our hopes, and our innermost being.

How much more loving and useful could I be to others, if I first was useful and loving to myself?

So I challenge you today and everyday to do something for YOU. Take a long shower and feel the water run down your body. Read a few pages of that book that is getting dusty on your shelf. Take a walk with yourself and notice the beauty around you. Smile at yourself in the mirror because you look good even if you don't feel like you do. Congratulate yourself for making it through another day.

I will just bet that when you start being kinder to yourself, that the kindness might fill your cup until it overflows. That kindness can then be shared with others.

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