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Mother's Day

This message is a few days late, but still as important. Mother's Day. Those two words trigger an avalanche of emotions. I think of flowers, handmade cards, spa days, meals out, and acknowledgment. Acknowledgment of the one's who gave us life. The one who kissed our hurts away and tucked us in at night. The one who believed in us and pushed us.

This is a holiday to remember the mother who stepped in and stepped up.

But for some people, a lot of people, this is not a happy holiday. It is a reminder of the things lacked and longed for. A lot of women can not become mothers even though they so badly want to. A lot of children did not have mothers who were loving and kind. A lot of adults or children lost the mother figure in their life to illness or an accident.

So this is not to start raining on the parade that is mother's day. This is a recognition that this day is not a happy day for everyone.

So be kind to other people. Be loving. Be patient. Notice that not everyone has someone or something to celebrate on this holiday.

Do not let that take away of the joy of this day though. By all means, if you had a mother who loved you and tried her best, CELEBRATE HER. If you have children who are your world who want to give you messy homemade cards, ENJOY IT. Embrace the love that is around you because you earned it or were blessed with it.

Just be aware that not all your friends are feeling the love today. And maybe you can send love to those people with little to celebrate on mother's day and give them a reason to smile.

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