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Light in the Darkness

This post is about the state of our world at the moment. I am constantly bombarded by bad news. On the news and through friends/family. We are living in a society that is broken. Period. People are hurting. Families are breaking up. Hope is near lost. But it does not have to feel this way everyday.

I was recently telling a client that we have a choice EVERY DAY of how we think about and see things. The truth is that there are sad days, bad days, bad news, and tragedy. No one is guarunteed a perfect life. But we do have choices in life how we respond and how we move forward.

So focus on the light. Because darkness would not exist without light. Find one tiny glimpse of hope today. In the midst of the chaos and the crazy, what is going right?

We can choose to shift our focus and perspective to what we CAN do and what is GOOD.

So it is raining, but a rainbow is coming. Someone is lost or not in our lives anymore, but we have their memory. Something did not go the way we hoped it would, but things can always change. Nothing lasts forever. Every feeling passes eventually.

So choose to look at the light today. It does not mean to ignore the sadness or the hurt. But do not allow those sad feelings, those mad feelings, those frustrations to cloud the fact that life is still good and there is still good happening.

So I know you are hurting, but what is going well. What still feels good? What is light in the darkness? It might be the smile of a neighbor. A pretty flower. Sunshine. The fact that your body is still working. There is always something good in the midst of it all.

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