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Let Yourself Be Happy

I was talking with someone today about self sabotage. Such a dramatic and violent word. But a reality for some people. There are times in our lives when things are going well and it can be uncomfortable. But, why? Aren't we supposed to be thrilled for the times that are good?

Some people who have experienced trauma & difficulty in their lives have trouble accepting good things. Calm and peace are not what they are used to, so it scares them. Getting what they want is not a common thing, so they are waiting for the other shoe to drop or for the next bad thing. And sometimes people simply have trouble believing that they deserve good things. Maybe a parent told you that you were worthless or you felt that way because of things that happened to you.

You do not have to live this way. Whoever told you that you do not deserve good.... was lying. Whoever made you feel that you do not get wrong.

Sometimes the tides turn and things get better. Sometimes good days begin to outweigh the bad. Sometimes good things happen just because.

So let the good in. Allow yourself to smile. Embrace the peace and calm. It may not last forever, but you deserve to have it while it is here.

Let yourself be happy.

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