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Fighting the Negative

Negative self talk. The voices in our heads can be harmful or helpful. Most of the time our automatic thoughts can be negative, nagging, and hurtful. There are a few reasons for this. Sometimes it is because that is what we heard growing up. Sometimes it is because we do not hear enough positive. Sometimes it is because that is just how our brain is wired.

Does it have to be this way? Do we have to be swayed left/right based on the thoughts in our heads?


I try to tell people all day long in

my profession that we may not be able to control our thoughts that pop into our head, but we CAN control the thoughts we let stick with us. I have had clients use different techniques to fight the negative thoughts.

One of the best ways to battle negative thoughts is to overwhelm your brain with Positive thoughts. We choose how we speak to ourselves. When those negative thoughts come in, picture a stop sign. A big, bright red stop sign. Tell your mind to stop. And replace that negative thought with a positive one. A truthful thought. A helpful thought.

It may not come naturally at first. Sometimes we have to make big moves to change small things, but its wo

rth it. Write down a post it note how you want to think about yourself. Put it in your car so you see it every day. Write on your mirror who you want to believe you can be. And look at it and read it while you get ready.

It may seem silly and trivial but if we can start thinking better thoughts about ourselves, we can start being better, living better, and loving ourselves better. So the next time that negative self talk comes up telling you that you are not enough, tell your mind to cut

it out and that you are worthy and you are enough!

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