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Burn Out

Today I am here to write about burn out. Being in a slump when it comes to work. Being uninspired. Feeling like a robot when doing the things "we have to do."

Surprise, I have felt extreme burn out the last few weeks! So who better to share about how to move through it than someone in the midst of it.

I have had many mornings lately where my first thought is "I want to stay in bed ALL day." I am not depressed or overwhelmed. I am just tired. And not feeling the fire in my soul to get the day going.

So what do we do?

  1. Talk about it. Do not be ashamed to be open with friends and family that you are "not feeling it." Sometimes saying outloud that we are burnt out on our job or feel lackluster about our purpose sets us free a little bit.

  2. Focus on doing a little bit at a time. Sometimes I just do the next right thing. Whether that is brushing my teeth or taking a nice shower, that seems more feasible than doing all the things.

  3. Remember your why. There is a why behind all of our choices. You go to work. But, why? To support your family, to pay your can do better than that! What is your reason? For me, I remember that I want to be able to provide hope for other people so that is why I do what I do. Look within and remember the why behind your daily choices... maybe it's your kids or your spouse or your family.

  4. Show up anyway. Sometimes just showing up for work/the have-to's is a victory in itself. Just show up and do the next right thing. You might find that you start feeling that fire inside again and that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

  5. If all of this does not work, consider that what you are doing is not your thing and THAT IS OKAY. It is never too late to pick a new dream, go back to school, or choose a new why. Life is short, live it with a purpose.

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