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5 Ways to Practice Self Love

Self Love. Self Care. Self Esteem Boosters. These are all things that have become catchy and trendy to focus on. But, truly, it is so important to love yourself. Why? Because the better you feel about yourself, the better others will feel about you and the better your everyday life will be.

This is not an invitation to become obsessed with yourself. This is an invitation to be kinder to you. So that when you walk around in this world and face challenges (which you will), you know you can handle it and take on the day. So you can be ready to enjoy each day and celebrate when there are triumphs in your life.

Here it goes...

  1. Talk nicer to you. I know this sounds silly because our whole lives we are told that talking to yourself means you are cuckoo but seriously your head is going all day long. So check your thoughts, are you being nice to yourself? If not, try to say 3 kind things to yourself every morning and I promise you will feel better.

  2. Set boundaries. One way to love yourself is to say no when you need a break and to limit your contact with people/things that are not making you feel good.

  3. Treat yourself. You do not have to go too big, unless you really need it and have the means. But do something nice for yourself. Get your nails done. Do your hair. Buy yourself some ice cream. Take yourself on a date.

  4. Do unto yourself as you would do to others. That sounded Shakespearian. Think of the person you love most in your life and how you behave towards them. Do you compliment them? Do you take them out? Do you listen to their concerns and tell them it will be okay? Try doing those things for yourself and see how it feels.

  5. Set a routine and stick to it. Having a schedule that is predictible can be life changing for some people. Sometimes the nicest thing you can do for yourself is to set yourself up for success by planning out your week and including healthy activities throughout the week.

You got this. You are the one person who can either bring more joy or more struggle to your own life.

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