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5 Helpful Links for Mental Health Support

I wanted to create space for some positive supportive websites to shine. Sometimes it helps to have places on hand to click or go to when we need a little uplift. FYI these are not my personal websites, so if there is any unhelpful advice just move on or report it if needed.

  1. is a website that provides advice and support to those struggling with mental illness

  2. is a website dedicated to sharing and promoting stories of recovery from addiction and mental illness

  3. is an incredible space for people to communicate with others experiencing similar stresses in life. Some groups include: rare diseases, Bipolar Support, Depression Support, etc.

  4. is a wealth of information on all mental illnesses, medication, and shares medical perspectives and support.

  5. is a cool spot to find good news! Positive and encouraging activities going on in our world are posted regularly.

And one more just for fun.... if you need a laugh or to feel better about your awkward family.

Love ya!

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