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3 Tips to a Happier Life

Let's get real! If you asked most people what they want from lfe, they would say HAPPINESS. There is something about that word happy. You can't say happy without cracking a small smile. It is what everyone wants.

But what does that mean?! What does it truly mean to be happy? I think about my life and the best moments are ones where I feel at ease. Comfortable in my skin. Supported. Free. I might even say those are the moments when I feel happy.

So how do we get it? How do we wake up in the morning singing with the birds? How do we go to sleep with a peaceful mind? How do we get happiness?

I think there are a million answers. There are probably more books written on how to get happiness than any other topic. I think the important thing to note is that there is not a magical solution to feeling happy. But there are things we can do increase the moments in our day that we feel it.

I am going to suggest three small things that might bring more happy to your day. This does not solve all the problems, but helps them seem a bit smaller.

  1. Focus on what is working/going well. Easier said than done. But truly we can be having the worst day in the world and you can find something that is not the worst. Perspective is a powerful thing. There may still be clouds in your sky, but focus on the sun. Focus on the blue sky near the clouds. Focus on the GOOD and you might start feeling good.

  2. Think about someone else. I know that when our world is falling apart, that is all we can think about. One incredible way to feel better is to think about someone else. Call someone and ask them about their day. Send a positive text. Do something kind for a neighbor. I can almost garuntee that while you are thinking about them it stops you from thinking about you and it feels good.

  3. Go outside. The natural instinct when depressed is to shut the blinds and crawl back into bed. DO NOT DO THAT. Even if you just sit on your porch or walk up the street, get out. Something about mother nature is healing and distracting. So pick up your feet and walk outside. Even if it is raining, it will feel good to see something else.

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