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1,2,3 CALM

Today I am going to share an exercise for calming down. Let's be real, life is crazy sometimes. Between appointments, work, chilldcare, friendships, responsibilities, and all the rest.... it sometimes feels as if you cannot keep up with it all. Sometimes it helps to just calm your mind so you are able to pause and figure out what the next thing is you can do.

Start by taking several deep breaths..... breathing air into your nose, feeling it fill your lungs, and then blowing the air out of your mouth slowly. Then think of your five senses. Name five things you can see. List four things you can feel with your hand. Now name three things you can hear. Two things you can smell. And lastly, one thing you can taste. Take another deep breath and notice how you feel.

This exercise is short and sweet and easy to remember. The goal is to connect with your senses to ground yourself in the present. To calm yourself down enough to notice that you are okay and you are safe.

Once completed, your worries won't all be gone but you might be relaxed enough to do the next right thing. Whether that is to make a list of what you can get done and slowly check those things off or to talk to someone who can help you navigate your stress.

Happy grounding, people.

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