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Coping Strategies for Anxiety

What to do when you are freaking out?!

Have you ever had a day where everything, and I mean everything, just is not going right? I definitely have. I have had days/moments where screaming into the wind seems like the only solution. So to prevent us from scaring our neighbors or the cars on the freeway next to us, what else can we do? I have created a small list of ways to cope with anxiety in the moment that may just help.

  1. Take a breath. I know this seems silly but it works. Place your hand on your belly and feel the air fill your lungs. Count to three. Then blow the air back out of your mouth. This small action may be helpful enough to calm you down so you can think straight or at least have a moment to focus on something else.

  2. Tell yourself a calming mantra. "This too shall pass" or "I am okay." I know in society we are encouraged not to talk to ourselves out loud, but sometimes you need to. Silently or out loud let yourself know that you will be okay, because you will.

  3. Make a list. Write down what needs to get done. And do just one thing. Sometimes being able to organize our thoughts on paper can help tremendously.

  4. Ask for help. Whether it is a listening friend, a needed time out, or starting therapy.... it is okay to need someone else.

Now I am not going to say you do these things and your problems will disappear, but they might feel a little smaller.

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